I am Oussema Boufaid , Digital Marketing Consultant , based in Tunisia.
I am very passionate and dedicated to my digital work that is why I have acquired the skills necessary to create, optimize, and promote different web projects.
If you are looking for digital marketing advice and guidance for your business then you have come to the right person !
My function is to create a Digital Branding and increase the traffic and sales of a Digital business. At the crossroads of several skills (Digital Marketing and Communication ), the Digital marketer develops, adapts and implements an online communication strategy that meets the needs and expectations of a business.


Recent Projects.




Work Skills.

3 Years Freelance Experience.

The best part of our work is to know how important and enjoying helping any kind of business to attract customers and earn their trust…
01. Digital Branding.
Create an attractive, flexible identity through a good digital strategy .
02. Social Media Marketing.
Get your own social media strategy to reach your customers with an attractive content .
03. Webmarketing
Web marketing is based on how to market your business while using the internet.
It includes social media, Search engine, Blogging, Videos, and E-mails .
04. Search Engine Optimization.
It is great to get a website, but it is even better to get visitors.
It includes Audit, Semantic study, site optimization, net linking strategy, tracking, and position.
05. Design.
Get a great first impression!
It contains web design and graphic design.


Results Driven Marketing.

As a freelance, acquiring many skills is important to achieve your goal, developing your career and finally getting the trust of your clients.
Digital Branding
Web Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Mobile Marketing & Advertising
Google My Business Optimization
Social Media Marketing & Advertising

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    A Freelance Digital Marketing consultant with 3+ years of Experience who’s so enthusiastic and passionate about art. I’m not just selling Services and Graphics. I’m selling SUCCESS. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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